The Ph.D programme in Natural Resource Management is designed to produce graduates with sound knowledge and skills for sustainable utilisation of natural resources.The programme is intended to meet the demand for highly trained manpower in the following areas of specialisation:

 Rangeland Resources Management;

 Forest Resources Management;

 Wildlife Resource Management; and

 Human Ecology.

Kenya is endowed with a variety of productive terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.Sustained productivity from these ecosystems is necessary for economic and social development of the country.

The programme is intended to produce specialists in the disciplinary areas of wildlife management, range land management, forestry, and human ecology.This programme will provide trained manpower required in teaching, research, extension, and consultancy services.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission should be holders of MSc degree in Natural Resource Management or related disciplines from Egerton University or any other recognised University.

Course Structure and Duration

The Ph.D. programme will extend for a minimum period of 36 months and a maximum of 72 months. 

The programme will be offered by independent Research and thesis.

159.4 Thesis Examination

All candidates enrolled for the Ph.D. degree in Natural Resources Management shall be required to conduct independent research, leading to writing of a thesis. The defense of the thesis shall be conducted in accordance with the rules established in Egerton University Statutes.

Examination regulations

All examinations for the Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resources Management shall be conducted in accordance with examination regulations as stipulated in Egerton University

Statute XXIX.


The grading of examination for Ph.D. in Natural Resources Management shall be in

accordance with Egerton University Statute XXIX.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a Ph.D. in Natural Resources Management a student shall be required to

undertake supervised independent research, submit a thesis and pass an oral examination.

Degree Classification

The Ph.D. in Natural Resources Management is not classified